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Erection of Conveyors And Equipment

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Erection of Conveyors And Equipment

Shyam Engineering & Construction – A Pioneer in Manufacturing and Erection of Equipment

SEC is a renowned equipment manufacturer in Vizag that takes your structural steel building project from concept through completion. We, at Shyam Engineering & Construction, manufacture, supply, fabricate, and erect structural steel.

  • Modular Fabrication
  • Large Equipment Manufacturing
  • Conventional Structures
  • PEB Structures
  • MEP Projects

We custom fabricate the structural steel at our workshop in India and we erect the steel using our own, experienced field erection team. We can do all types of structural steel erection irrespective of the industries including industrial shed and roofing. We monitor our jobs every step of the way, resulting in excellent quality control, on-time performance, and satisfied customers. Include Safety terminology.

Service Features

Our skilled technicians ensure precise assembly and alignment of equipment, guaranteeing optimal functionality and safety. Utilizing advanced tools and techniques, we streamline the erection process, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency. Our experienced team excels in delivering turnkey solutions. We prioritize adherence to industry standards, providing reliable and durable installations. From initial planning to final inspection, our comprehensive service ensures clients receive a seamlessly integrated and operational setup, meeting the demands of modern production and material handling environments. Some of the equipment that we manufacture and erect in Vizag includes:

Structural Steel Equipment Manufacturer and Fabricator

In essence, as structural steel equipment manufacturer and fabricator, we employ diverse techniques to shape manufactured steel sections into customized or predetermined forms, ready for erection and installation. Guided by intricate drawings from steel drafters and detailers, the fabricator's role is to materialize these plans, demanding extensive knowledge of steel properties and acute attention to detail. Precision in crafting these materials is crucial for seamless installation, requiring meticulous sequencing for on-site delivery. The advancement of high-tech computer software, exemplified by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems, has revolutionized the industry. These systems monitor and regulate the machinery's movements, including routers, welders, and laser cutters, while 3D modelling facilitates the visualization of intricate components. The fabrication process encompasses various manipulation techniques, with several common approaches.

We have 30 years of experience for give you better results.

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Service Features

    • Bands & Band Equipment
    • Structural Steel
    • Transfer Towers
    • Level Crossings
    • Buildings