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Structural Product Blasting & Painting Services

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Structural Product Blasting & Painting Services

SEC Has Got A Big Facility Established & Maintained With Sand Blasting And Painting Equipment To Cater to The Project Needs Of Any Volume Desired. Removing Mill Scale And Rust From Metallic Surface And To Protect Steel From Corrosion For Durability Is A Tough Job.

SEC Have Sound Experience In Sand Blasting & Epoxy Painting. We Have Air Less Painting machines, Spray Painting Machines, Compressors, and sandblasters, Which Allow Us To Accomplish Difficult And Time-Consuming Tasks Much Faster Than Doing It By Hand. We Offer Services For Tank Internal Coating, Multi Coat Epoxy Painting, and Powder Coating.

We have 30 years of experience for give you better results.

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Service Features

  • We also have a covered outside blast pit that allows us to do much larger parts that do not fit through our automated line. Weather is not an issue since the pit is covered and protected from the elements