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Furnace Design, Erection, and Commissioning in Ferroalloy Manufacturing

Ranging from steel production to automotive or maritime to military and defense accessories, ferroalloys have hundreds of different applications in modern industries. On the other hand, hundreds of different kinds of ferroalloys are manufactured in the ferroalloy manufacturing units and these ferroalloys are supplied to different industries as per their requirements. The manufacturing of ferroalloys needs specialized furnaces with specific temperature control systems. When you are planning to install a furnace or repair an older one, always consider furnace design, erection, and commissioning with the help of an expert team of engineers and experts in this domain.

Let’s understand the critical aspects of furnace design, manufacture or erection, and commissioning. This discussion will make you more knowledgeable and help you choose the right business partner to establish your ferroalloy manufacturing plant.

Furnace design and related aspects

The question that comes first is, what is the purpose of furnace design?

In the domain of ferroalloys, the furnace needs to be specific with a specific design, input and output systems, and state-of-the-art control systems. That control system can be either manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic. The design engineers undertake basic and detailed designs. The purpose of a ferroalloy furnace is smelting and refining the raw materials for manufacturing better quality ferroalloys. The design process is highly important for best metallurgical outcomes.

The design processes differ depending on the types of furnaces to be used in the plant. Three types of furnaces are generally installed – electric hearth furnaces, submerged furnaces, and open hearth furnaces. The selection of furnace type depends on the raw materials in the manufacturing process, energy sources, efficiency, and scale of production to be achieved or expected.

The primary design considerations in ferroalloy furnace manufacturing are the source of energy that would heat the furnace, refractory materials, and the cooling sources. The refractory materials need to be high-quality and sustainable as the manufacturing temperature generally remains above 1500 degrees Celsius and different kinds of intensive chemical changes take place inside the furnace.

The next step and the most vital step in furnace design, erection, and commissioning is furnace manufacturing or erection.

While erecting a furnace, the team of engineers and technicians at Shyam Engineering and Constructions pay maximum attention to the site or location where the plant is located or will be erected including the furnace, the foundation or structure where the furnace is to be installed, and sources of electricity. The space where the furnace will be installed needs to be strong enough to withstand heavy weight. The place around the furnace always experiences different kinds of environments due to the continuous functioning of the furnace. The electrical and other systems that would be linked to the furnace are generally installed beforehand keeping in mind how the electricity will be supplied in the furnace and how the control system will function.

The last stage of furnace design and erection is testing and commissioning. In simple terms, it’s the stage when the expert engineers test the performance of the whole system and its sub-systems for running the system commercially. Several simulated manufacturing procedure is undertaken to find how the system is performing including the energy source and control systems. There are four primary stages in furnace commissioning: pre-commissioning checks, the heat-up phase, different metallurgical corrections, and segmented and overall performance testing. Right after testing and commissioning, the engineers will provide the full report to the business owner of management and let them initiate the manufacturing process for commercial purposes.


Shyam Engineers and Constructions has a team of highly experienced engineers from diverse field of engineering needed for furnace design, erection, and commissioning. Always choose an experienced team of engineers, technicians, and designers for this purpose.